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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Waking Up

There is a one-sentence hebrew prayer that can be said when one wakes up. It thanks god for returning one's soul for a new day. It is one of the handful of rituals I still do sometimes. But it provokes a question that everyone asks when they are young and then forgets about most of the time. In which time period am I truly awake? In which state am I dreaming more?

Maybe I should add a few lines. Thanks for another day where my sight will be skewed and limited, but where I'll have opportunities to transcend and take in a much more infinite picture in which I am a sparkly bouncing speck.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Not-So-Grand Juries

Josh Wolf is a 24 year old activist vlogger, who was jailed for not providing video footage he shot at a demonstration (where a San Francisco police car was burned) to a federal grand jury investigating the case. He recently lost his appeal. How many people are acquainted with the sweeping powers of grand juries vs. the public judicial system? I'm not, but it sounds like some kind of parallel Bush-style tribunal system. Are we going to see subpoenas on anyone who had a camcorder or a picture-taking cell phone in the vicinity of any crime? Apparently a state grand jury would have been limited in demanding Wolf's footage if he was found to be a reporter protecting his sources (a federal grand jury does not have to observe these "shield laws") but the appeals judge said that Wolf is not a journalist. As Wolf points out, there is no license for journalists and a vlogger who is self publishing their footage on the web is every bit as much a journalists as the Bush-Cheney apologists on Fox. (I won't go any further with the Wolf-Fox contrast.)

SF Chronicle Article 9/12/06

At this point, Wolf, who says he has no footage of the police car burning and was willing to show the footage to the Appeals judge, may have to go back to jail until the "grand jury" finishes its term in July.