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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dream Act, Dream On

Passage of the Dream Act looks bleak for the forseeable future, given the influx of Republican congress reps. It would allow about 2 million "illegal" immigrants to become citizens if they came to the U.S. before they were 16 & they finish college or military service before they are 35.

There are many in Congress who feel that our country is flooded with poor people from other countries who are taking scarce jobs from U.S. workers. They want these people out. They want more secure borders. They want to cut off any health or education to discourage them from coming.

How many of these representatives voted against measures that allow U.S. corporations to move their operations to other countries where the labor is cheaper? When corporations move operations to cheap labor countries it's called "outsourcing", and often includes tax loopholes, but when people from poor countries come to the U.S. to get work, it's never called "in-sourcing." They are "aliens."

For me, outsourcing would be acceptable if environmental standards were upheld and labor was paid fairly (not usually the case). I just think a lot of elected officials speak with "forked tongues."