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Friday, March 23, 2007

A Little Paunch Goes A Long Way

This man, Ralph Wenzel, featured in yesterday's edition of the San Francisco Chronicle is a rather amazing athlete. In 3 months time he swam 356 miles, logging nearly four hours a day in the very cold SF Bay. Perhaps he will become a pin-up for countless middle aged, slightly paunchy guys like myself. We are trend setters moving away from the chiseled look of male athletes and movie stars who are probably hiding a steroid or eating disorder.

I remember working shirtless in my back yard garden one afternoon while one of my sons and his girlfriend were in the kitchen. They were about 15 at the time. As I walked by the kitchen window, I overhead Alex explain to Charlotte, "All middle aged men have pot bellies." I could only guess what Charlotte had said to prompt Alex's reply. I skipped my before-bed "Ben and Jerry's" that night.

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