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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jeff Frost Memorial

I just returned from a memorial service for Jeff Frost who was my dentist and died of a sudden heart attack at age 50. I suspect there were a number of other patients there who only saw Jeff a few minutes per year, but were touched by his calm, smiling energy. I knew he had a couple of young daughters, loved music and travel. Today I heard from some of his longtime friends - all guys - that he was a Deadhead, a musician, and as a youngster he was a consummate inventor, philosopher, and fantasy player - building a perpetual motion machine and developing a shared cosmology with his buddies about an imaginary planet. It sounded like he'd gone to school at UC Santa Barbara. Indeed, we probably crossed paths at the Dead concert in 1974 when he would have been a freshman and me a senior. Would that someone could have introduced us that day as future dentist and patient, I think we'd have both gotten even higher. He was never worried about the gum recession over my two eye teeth, though he monitored it every year and once sent me for a graft. He said it would take many years before I'd have to worry about the loss of those teeth. It's hard to accept that his whole life is gone before those two teeth.


  1. Really nice post. Thanks. (I never met Jeff. But it's still a really nice post.)

  2. kathy6:11 PM

    I have been trying to find out more about Jeff's death and memorial...I have been a patient of his since he started at the Alma office...he was wonderful to me when I fell and fractured my jaw; broke 7 teeth, and had to have my mouth wired shut for 6 weeks. He was my kids dentist as well. I want to get a note off to his wife...can probably do that through the office...however I'd like more info if possible. You can email me at Thanks so much. Jeff's death is a real loss!

  3. Anonymous12:25 AM

    Indeed Jeff was everything you said and more...he was simple, loving and caring. There was not a patient turned away for lack of funds, I believe the a good portion of East Palo Alto benefitted for either free or low cost dentistry. He choose dentistry because he wanted to help people, not make a bundle...if you were one of his patient you'd know it. A tall and warm man who drove a Subaru, play guitar, loved hiking, adore his kids and a true friend. I know heaven got one of his angels back, we miss him here on earth but God ultimate knows best. A sure lost for those of us who love him.

    "Hey Frostie (as I used to call him) hope to meet you in the Himalayas my friend" May all those who you care for never forget you, but more so never forget yours"

    Your friend,

    Fatima a.k.a Maria

  4. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Thanks so much for creating this memorial. I am Jeff's wife. Right after he died, I searched for postings of him and found some nice things. Now, over a year later, I did not really expect to find anything, but wanted to look. WOW! So nice to know he is remembered, not only by us, his family, but also by those whose lives he touched.
    Turns out he had an enlarged heart (both figuratively and literally), and passed away suddenly, but peacefully. We all miss him terribly, of course, but are keeping him alive through stories, pictures, and other little rituals created to keep him close. People have been truly wonderful to us; I am sure he would have loved that people remember him as kindness embodied.
    Christi Frost

  5. Dear Christy,
    I'm so glad you found the blog recently. Though it's been over 14 months since his passing, I'm sure that his absence from your life and your daughters is very palpable every day. I remember the months after my mother died (many years ago) when everyone had gone back to being totally normal with me and there's not many ways to grieve. So maybe the blog was a kind of time capsule waiting for your attention when it might feel good to read. What a wonderful guy Jeff was. I'm sure you and he sewed some very amazing spirit into your daughters and there is much pride and joy that will continuously unfold.


  6. Victoria10:38 PM

    I am late to the comments, but will leave one none-the less. Dr. Jeff Frost "Frostie" was a well loved classmate of many of us in the UCSF dental class of 1984. While trying to find some long-lost friends for facebook tonight, I came upon the notice of his death several years ago. I am struggling to grasp that fact. I will grieve for him and leave flowers in some beautiful place with a prayer of thanks for having known such a kind and generous person. Fly with the angels Jeff - you were always a free spirit. Christi, my heart goes out to you - may you and your girls stay safe and well.

  7. Thanks for your comment Victoria. It doesn't matter when you find out about Jeff's passing. It feels bad. Take care.

  8. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Jeff and I had just started our 4 year journey towards Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry when I met him in 2006. I can't say that he and I were best friends, but we shared dinner one night and enjoyed each others company. I learned alot about him, his days at UCSF, his participation in the medical studies at UCSF, and the concerts that he enjoyed and his 2 girls. Yes, he was a hippie, and I was the conservative, but he had a charisma about him.

    I just received my Mastership about a week ago, and I was thinking about Jeff. I did a search and came across this blog. Thanks.

  9. I was devastated to discover that Jeff Frost had passed away! I worked for him as his hygienist for many years. Cannot believe it! So saddened by this news...very late. I left California years ago and returned to the East Coast. Will always remember him as a good person...full of smiles and good feelings for everyone! Will miss him.

  10. Yes, Lynn, it's nearly 10 years since he passed. But it's still so easy to conjure up his smiling face and great energy. Thanks for your comment and I'm sorry to be the messenger of sad news, even a decade later.