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Sunday, July 30, 2006


ODE Magazine, July-August edition, has an article about the lightning-rapid urbanization in China entitled,
The Biggest City You've Never Heard Of.

Read the following excerpt about mental health. What's wrong with this picture??

"People have to make a big adjustment because the pace of life, work and study are all accelerating. It puts extra stress on people, but so far our reseaarch suggests they can adjust.' It is not easy, though. She says cases of depression anxiety, insomnia and mood swings have doubled in the past 20 years. Between 10 and 25% of Chongqing's people suffer from mental and emotional problems.

Her mental-health department was established onlin in 1998; before that, psychological problems were either ignored or associated with Western decadence. Now, Kuang says, there is recognition of the strains imposed by city life....psychological disorders are 'a sign of improved quality of life. People did not have time to worry about themselves so much 10 years ago."

Sounds like remarkable progress. They've learned so much from us.

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