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Thursday, September 27, 2007

We're Watching Myanmar

Junta General

I imagine people all over the world are holding their virtual breath, waiting to see what will happen to the people in the streets of Myanmar (aka Burma)..... hoping those monks and all the civilians stay resolved and safe. Every step they take, facing soldiers who have already killed nine, is a leap of faith and courage. Most of the people in the streets probably remember the last time, when 3,000 were gunned down for demonstrating in 1988. Most probably know of somebody who was killed or jailed. The Junta has cut off the internet and phones. Probably few if any folks are taking photos or video after the Japanese photographer was killed yesterday. I can't find photos on Flickr anyway. But maybe this time the Junta knows they cannot keep their people and the rest of the world disconnected any longer. Though China and Russia blocked the UN Security Council from any action, there are too many others that are watching with our hearts beating hard. The Junta hears us and feels discomfort. The red clothed monks walk forward on bare soles, facing the guns, but seeing something new and promising beyond. They speak truth to power and everyone holds their breath. Don't shoot.


  1. just wanted to stop by and say hi! Did you wear a red t-shirt?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Beth. I wore a red shirt and meant to put up the logo you publicized, but didn't get to it. I'm picturing very difficult days for the many imprisoned, but hope that they feel our presence - both the prisoners and the junta. I think that we may be having an impact on the other ASEAN countries who in turn may be able to keep the junta from its most brutal responses.

  3. i might not return to this Website again as am gathering news for a news program that we are doing. My name is Lownan and am working for TBN Namibia.. I will have this country in my prayers. And good luck to all of you tryn to bring humanity to a lost world. GO WITH GODs SPEED