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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whitman Proposal to Resolve Illegal Immigration

California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman unveiled a bold proposal today to stop the flow of illegal immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries. At a press conference in the Silicon Valley, the former CEO of EBAY said she would work with major employers throughout the high tech industry to outsource over a million jobs south of the border.

Whitman, who has considerable experience in both layoff-management and outsourcing is bringing together her skills and vision to create a California with considerably less traffic congestion on its freeways, less smog, and far fewer illegal immigrants. Critics have pointed to a huge hike in unemployment benefit costs that will impact the state, but Whitman points out that she will keep those benefits lean and temporary. Unemployed workers are more likely to leave the state, or fill the many gardener, housekeeper, restaurant, and nanny openings when "the illegals" hurry home to scoop up the high tech assembly jobs.

Wall Street is already showing a favorable response to the Whitman Plan that promises profits and lowered costs for key corporations.

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